RUPES Mark II Big Foot Polisher


RUPES Mark II Big Foot Polisher

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The BigFoot Mark II 21 perfectly polishes paint effortlessly. 30% more power brings the Mark II polisher up to superior scratch and imperfection removal. Traditional polishing methods generally require an experienced technician and are very time consuming. Traditional rotary polishers create post-polish holograms (swirls). The BigFoot 21 with its unique random orbit movement is guaranteed not to produce swirls and with 30 percent more power, there is no reason to resort back to spin polishers for heavy paint correction. Everyone is a potential expert with the RUPES Mark II BigFoot 21. This unmatched tool easily corrects paint imperfections. We have trained 100’s of professional detailers on the benefits of the BigFoot 21. Make sure you select the BigFoot 21 on your next paint correction project. (1 polisher per box, includes velcro back up plate)

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Weight 7.8 lbs