Buddco Distributing began in 1991 with Budd Ferre as principle, his wife doing office work, and one salesman with a single line of detail products consisting of 25 different items. We began our business selling in the Salt Lake area. We warehoused product in a small closet that we rented. The first month we opened a handful of accounts and managed to sell a little over $2,000 in sales. With hard work and dedication we outgrew that small closet and expanded to Buddco’s garage.

The business continued to grow. In a short time we added a few more lines and additional product. At that point, we needed a larger space than Buddco’s garage and then leased a 2,000 square foot building.

Buddco Distributing grew and expanded into the Las Vegas and Elko Nevada areas. We added a larger sales force and began offering training seminars that was unique and ahead of anyone in the industry. We have built a special training area in the warehouse where we hold our monthly training seminars equipped with all chemicals and equipment that facilitates an excellent training environment. In 1994 we added car wash chemicals to our line of products and expanded in to the entire 4,000 square foot building.

In 1995 we added car wash equipment sales. At first, we were reluctant to get in to the equipment business because all we ever heard was how “bad” everyone was. We felt that this was a great opportunity for a service minded company. We started with Pur Clean RO Systems and quickly saw the opportunity to grow, as long as we still provided the service we were known for.

In 2003 we had an exciting opportunity to expand to our own 14,000 square foot building on an acre and a half of land. This is where we currently operate our business today.

We have a great team of dedicated people including excellent salesmen, expert service, and equipment installation crew, and well qualified office and warehouse personnel.