New Investor

Building and operating a modern car wash is not very different from building and operating any other service oriented business. It will require a significant upfront monetary investment. It will also demand a committed personal effort, plus much time and attention to get your new car wash built, started and operating successfully.

If all is done correctly, the monetary and personal rewards can be tremendous!

In simple analysis, the most successful and profitable car wash businesses are usually characterized by the following qualities:

• They are located in “unsaturated” markets.
• They are built in convenient locations.
• They are equipped to offer high quality, convenient “vehicle cleaning” services.
• They are well maintained…and kept clean.
• They are well lighted and feel safe at all times.
• They are marketed…regularly…using modern methods.
• They offer a customer friendly environment.
• They are regularly attended, especially during busy periods and busy days.

Modern car washes are often operated in multi-service combinations and target distinct service levels. The three primary types of vehicle washes achieving success in today’s market are:

• Tunnel Wash
• Self Service
• Automatic

Different wash types and different wash type combinations present their own distinct operating challenges…and rewards.

Car washes are location sensitive businesses.

Understanding and identifying the factors that influence a location, in terms of both success and failure, is paramount to selecting the right location. Understanding a location’s accurate capacity for profit can be the difference between marginal and substantial success. There are many influences to consider when choosing and locating the type of wash business that best suits an investor’s interests.

It is wise for the new investor to seek the experience and advice of experts…

We’ve got the expertise, knowledge, and custom planning and solutions to not only get your car wash business started, but to keep it functioning at it’s performance peak for years to come!

Car washing has never been a more profitable endeavor. With more cars on the road and the frequent implementation of municipal regulations that prohibit car washing in driveways and parking lots due to waterway pollution, car wash owners are experiencing heavier volumes and frequencies of customer purchases. Total annual car wash sales are estimated to exceed $24 billion!


This is an industry that is experiencing tremendous growth, and external factors are ensuring that this trend won’t be going out of fashion anytime soon.


Starting a car wash business is a serious investment, as most profitable businesses are! Depending on whether you are starting from scratch, have land, or are retrofitting an already-standing building that you own, the investment will definitely vary. Starting from scratch car wash businesses can cost from between $1 million to $5 million USD. There are many factors to consider, such as location, real estate, business model and the type of car wash that you want to build.


To make sure that you are ready to undertake this exciting venture, you should consult with a sales representative and assess your financing options.